About us - GAMAN Eyewear

GAMAN is the result of a slow, careful, strictly supervised process with the purpose of creating a brand new, innovative product of the highest quality. That is the origin of GAMAN, a Japanese term which means ‘endurance, determination to go on in spite of setbacks and difficulties, willingness to keep struggling when everything seems to be lost’.

That is the spirit of GAMAN. In a time when the ‘low cost’ mentality and short-lasting products prevail, we have created a product that is timeless, using the best materials. That is the reason why we only use Italian Mazzucchelli acetate sheets and original ZEISS sun lenses.

Such an exclusive brand as this needs a certain added value that we achieve by entirely handcrafting all our products in Spain, using traditional techniques and, consequently, manufacturing a limited number of units per model.

Gaman Eyewear