FAQs - GAMAN Eyewear



Because we have created a product for demanding people looking for something special.
Our eyewear is timeless, with that distinct touch that makes it an exclusive luxury product..

How do you manufacture your glasses?

All our glasses are handcrafted in Spain by expert artisans with extended careers. We only use real 8-mm-thick Italian Mazzucchelli acetate sheets

Our manufacturing process is environmentally friendly

Are your sun lenses good?

Not good: THEY ARE THE BEST. We only use ZEISS lenses in our glasses, with their internal surface AR coating AZURE, a top ZEISS coating. All our products are duly certified by ZEISS’s official logo and a printed certificate. Because only the best lenses allow you a perfect view of the world.

Do you offer prescription glasses?

Our glasses can be adapted for prescriptive uses, but are not already manufactured as such. A good optometrist is required to fully check you and decide which lenses are the ones you require.

Are GAMAN glasses available in physical stores?

It depends on the location. We collaborate with some prestigious optometrist’s in a variety of cities but if you are interested in distributing our product, please contact us.

Do you have any special offer or seasonal discount?

Definitely NO. Our glasses are luxury goods and, as such, they are not thought for discounts or special offers. In fact, the prices available on our webpage are exactly the same as the ones you will find in physical stores.
It is painful when you buy something and, one month later, you realise you could have paid much less for the same product. This is not likely to happen with GAMAN glasses.

How should I take care of my GAMAN glasses?

Treat them right, just the way you would treat your beloved ones. When your glasses are dirty, wipe them with some cloth, but never paper. The best option is the microfibre Premium cloth that come along with our glasses.

Never use acetone, alcohol or any other solvent. We recommend visiting your optometrist for an appropriate adjustment of your glasses.